Our People

Family Photo

Goldfarb & Lipman LLP Staff and Attorneys

  • Tech/Word Processing

    Tech/Word Processing

    Dave Kong, Hadiyah Henry

    Keeping us all connected!

  • Office Services

    Office Services

    Charde King, Phil Habegger, Luis Aguayo, Tammy Brice

    Uncompromising support of the team!

  • Accounting


    Susan Buechel, Sabrina Baxter, Phuong Lam, Bobbie Bednar, Nancy Clancy (Not Pictured)

    Making it all pencil out!

  • Secretary/Assistants


    Konni Stalica, Linda Hollie, Mey Saeteurn, Kathi Young, Laura Luz

    Calm, cool, & forgiving!

  • Project Coordinators

    Project Coordinators

    Kate Schmidt, Kim LeSon, Sam Mori, Phil Johnson, Wesley Ellison-LaBat, Joshua Lim

    Calm, cool, & unforgiving!