Fair Housing

Developing and operating affordable, accessible housing developments and programs requires navigating the myriad applicable federal, state and local civil rights laws.  Our clients look to us for the latest information, interpretation, and counsel on fair housing and discrimination law.  We advise on the design and delivery of housing assistance programs, rent-up and tenant selection issues for housing developments, and provide analysis of various local and special preferences as they relate to fair housing and constitutional issues.  The firm also represents public agencies and nonprofit housing development and management corporations in fair housing disputes. Our experience also includes the study of the potential discriminatory impact of restrictive covenants, zoning laws, and governmental permit processes.


Goldfarb & Lipman has distinctive experience in advising clients who create supportive housing opportunities for people who are homeless, at risk of homelessness, or who have other special needs.  Our work includes training organizations on fair housing issues which may arise during program design, rent up, tenant selection, and throughout occupancy.  We advise counties, social services providers, and housing developers on the legal issues raised by supportive housing programs including those financed with California’s Mental Health Services Act funds.  We have also advised clients on implementing tenant subsidy and master lease programs for special needs populations.  We are proud of our principal authorship of Between the Lines, a Question and Answer Guide on Legal Issues in Supportive Housing, California and National Editions, published by the Corporation for Supportive Housing.  An updated version of Between the Lines was published recently.  Please visit the link below to read Between the Lines.