Our Work | Litigation

Eminent Domain
Actions in eminent domain to acquire property for public use

Land Use
Challenges to conditions of approval for land-use permits and subdivision maps, and to denial of such approvals

CEQA Compliance
Alleged lack of compliance with the California Environmental Quality Act

Housing Elements
Challenges to the Housing Elements of city and county General Plans

Inclusionary Housing
Challenges to local agency inclusionary housing and density bonus requirements

Development Breach of Contract
Breach of contract actions arising from agreements between public agencies and would-be property developers, including actions arising from exclusive negotiating agreements

Affordable Housing
Enforcement of regulations and agreements governing affordable housing programs
Public Housing Operations
Litigation regarding management and operation of public housing authorities

Fair Housing
Actions alleging violation of the federal Fair Housing Act, the California Fair Employment and Housing Act, and the non-discrimination requirements of the California Planning and Zoning Law

Disability Discrimination Claims
Actions alleging violation of state and federal laws governing disability discrimination and reasonable accommodations for disability in housing and employment

Representation of redevelopment agencies in bankruptcy proceedings to obtain relief from stay to allow condemnation of property and collection of agency loans

Litigation involving proper interpretation of redevelopment agency/taxing agency pass-through agreements

Public agency lawsuits to correct improper county property tax allocation procedures and obtain reimbursement for past underpayments
Housing Accountability Act
Litigation regarding the Housing Accountability Act.
Political Reform Act
Litigation and investigation regarding alleged violations of the Political Reform Act and Government Code section 1090.

Construction, mechanics lien and bonding disputes

Brown Act & CPRA
Litigation regarding compliance with open government laws, including the Brown Act and the California Public Records Act.

Property Management
Defense and representation of property management companies regarding disclosures to applicants and privacy issues.

Employment – Age and Race Discrimination
Suit alleging age and race discrimination. After minimal discovery, defendant client obtained voluntary dismissal of action after threat of sanctions motions.

Employment – Age and Race Discrimination
Suit alleging age and race discrimination, and common law tort and employment contract breach claims. Defendant clients obtained pre-trial rulings dismissing discrimination claims, leading to settlement.

Employment – Federal Discrimination Claims
Suit alleging sex and race discrimination. Defendant clients obtained pre-trial rulings dismissing federal discrimination claims and dismissing all federal claims, leading to remand to state court, where case was settled.

Employment – Prevailing Wage and Benefits
Suit alleging prevailing wages and relocation benefits claims. Defendant clients obtained rulings dismissing plaintiffs’ claims for prevailing wages, and we defeated two motions denying class certification of the other issues in the case.

Employment – Breach of Contract and Fraud
Suit alleging breach of contract and fraud claims, seeking approximately $1 million in damages and fees. The case was arbitrated, and the arbitrator issued a defense award in our defendant client’s favor, ruling against plaintiff on all causes of action. The arbitrator further awarded over $100,000 in attorneys’ fees and costs to our client.

Employment – Breach of Contract
Suit alleging declaratory relief and breach of contract claims filed on behalf of client.  Court trial – verdict for plaintiff client, with over $140,000 in attorneys’ fees awarded to client.