Goldfarb & Lipman is skilled in trial and appellate litigation relating to issues common to the housing, redevelopment/community economic development, municipal law, and employment practice areas.  The firm has extensive experience in eminent domain litigation, housing element litigation, EIR litigation, construction dispute litigation, inverse condemnation litigation, redevelopment agency challenges, real property security disputes including bankruptcy, property tax allocation and distribution litigation, and land use litigation.  Our litigation work has resulted in significant published opinions in the areas of redevelopment, eminent domain, and nonprofit housing ownership.


While our employment practice emphasizes counseling, prevention, and informal resolution of employment matters, there are times when litigation may be unavoidable.  Our experienced California attorneys have litigated cases involving state and federal anti-discrimination laws, sexual harassment, whistleblower, and retaliatory discharge claims, as well as common-law tort and contract claims, in state and federal courts throughout California.


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