Why Choose Us

Our clients need their problems solved quickly and effectively, their projects completed, and future troubles prevented — all within budget. Our attorneys in the Oakland/San Francisco Bay Area, Los Angeles and San Diego, CA deliver these essentials.

Cost Effectiveness

We understand that minimizing costs without sacrificing quality is crucial to all clients, particularly public agencies and nonprofit organizations. We are sensitive to client budgets and we strive to deliver value that notably reflects but exceeds client expectations. In meeting client needs, we match the variety of expertise and resources in our firm with the objective of our tasks. We emphasize close attention to matters and strong communication with clients.

Shared Values

We are mission-driven. Like our clients, we understand that every project affects real people with real needs. We never view client work as “just another deal to get done.”

Comprehensive Services

Clients rely on us for a wide array of their affordable housing, community economic development, public agency and corporate and organizational needs. Very few firms in our field offer our level of bench strength, breadth of experience, and focused expertise. Because our experience and services cover all phases of client projects, we are able to work with clients for the life cycle of their project or to focus on particular aspects of their transaction.

Talent, Experience and Perspective

Our attorneys are some of the most talented and knowledgeable in the industry, and offer the unique combination of their legal and practical experience. Many of the firm’s attorneys have held positions as city attorneys, city planners, redevelopment agency staff, HUD counsel, and CPAs. They bring a rich set of relationships from their experience and a deep understanding of the public approval and development process to client work.

Optimal Financing and Use of Tax Planning

It is challenging to finance economic development and affordable housing projects. Success requires the creative layering and use of funding resources, each of which may have differing requirements. We help our clients successfully structure transactions to conform to financing provisions as well as to obtain favorable property and income tax treatment and maximize access to tax credits.

Tenacity and Creativity

Many projects require tenacity, perseverance, and creativity to complete. Our attorneys roll up their sleeves and find a way to help our clients get their projects done.