Our Work | Nonprofit And Tax-Exempt Organizations

Nonprofit Housing
Our firm provides general corporate services in amending and updating corporate documents, formation of subsidiary corporations, conflict of interest and tax exemption issues and participation in annual meetings and retreats. Our firm also handles specific transactions in the area of real estate, government contracting, land use, employment and housing.
Public Agency Affiliated Nonprofit
This nonprofit is sponsored (but not controlled) by a public agency to support its activities in the fields of affordable housing and social services. Our firm attends corporate meetings, drafts resolutions and policies, reviews corporate documents and handles relationships with the parent organization. We also provide specific project advice by drafting and negotiating contracts, assisting with government funding and coordinating with third parties.
Homeownership Nonprofit
This nonprofit public benefit corporation specializes in marketing affordable homeownership units and in administering affordable homeownership programs throughout California. We obtained a federal and state tax exemption for the organization, and we continue to work with staff to ensure ongoing compliance with federal and state tax regulations and requirements. In addition, our firm advises on a variety of other laws, including California’s real estate broker requirements, fair housing and contract laws, California’s Subdivided Lands Act, California Redevelopment Law and various local inclusionary ordinances.
Community Economic Development Nonprofit
This nonprofit is controlled by a public agency, and G&L drafted its articles of incorporation and obtained its 501(c)(3) exemption. The corporation was formed to implement specific development programs and to utilize tax exempt bond financing. We provide corporate governance services, draft resolutions, negotiate contracts and assist with regulatory matters.
Job Training And Social Services Nonprofit
Our firm serves as general corporate counsel for this nonprofit corporation that provides job training, social services and housing. We have revised the corporate documents to qualify for federal and state funding sources, and we give general corporate advice and training. G&L also handles programmatic services in review and negotiation of contracts, employment issues and tax questions.
Educational And Social Services Nonprofit
We formed this nonprofit corporation as a supporting organization of an existing nonprofit in order to create a fund for support of development, educational and social service activities. Our firm obtained a 501(c)(3) exemption for the corporation and provides general services such as adoption of conflict of interest policies, advice on tax exemption and operational matters and drafting of corporate resolutions. The corporation’s funding sources include money from liquidation of assets, capital contributions from the sponsoring organization and charitable donations.