• Coleman v. Schwan’s Food Company: plaintiff sued for age and race discrimination.  After minimal discovery, defendant obtained voluntary dismissal of action after threat of sanctions motions.


  • Olivarez v. Schwan’s Food Company: plaintiff sued for age and race discrimination, and common law tort and employment contract breach claims.  Defendants obtained pre-trial rulings dismissing discrimination claims, leading to settlement.


  • Laurel v. Northwest Airlines: plaintiff sued for sex and race discrimination.  Defendants obtained pre-trial rulings dismissing federal discrimination claims and dismissing all federal claims, leading to remand to state court, where case was settled.


  • Flores v. Steadfast Companies, et al.: plaintiffs sued for prevailing wages and relocation benefits claims.  Defendants obtained rulings dismissing plaintiffs’ claims for prevailing wages, and won two motions denying class certification of the other issues in the case.


  •  West v. Naylor: plaintiff sued our client for breach of contract and fraud claims, seeking approximately $1 million in damages and fees.  The case was arbitrated, and the arbitrator issued a defense award in our client’s favor, ruling against plaintiff on all causes of action.  The arbitrator further awarded over $100,000 in attorneys’ fees and costs to our client.


  • Thrifty Payless, Inc. (Rite Aid) v. Hacienda Gardens: declaratory relief breach of contract case in which firm represented plaintiff Thrifty Payless.  Court trial – verdict for plaintiff, and over $140,000 in attorneys’ fees awarded to our client.