Our Credentials

We are one of the leading affordable housing and redevelopment law firms in California. Since the firm’s inception in 1971, we have partnered with our clients to develop innovative strategies to adapt to the ever-changing landscape while providing a comprehensive range of standard legal services. Our attorneys are some of the most knowledgeable in the field. Through prior experience as city attorneys, city planners, redevelopment agency staff, HUD counsel, CPAs, and architects, we bring to our clients a deeper understanding of the intersection of the law and their work.

Our Clients

We serve a diverse clientele of large and small organizations in urban, rural, and suburban areas across California, including:

California Public Agencies

Cities. Counties. Redevelopment Agencies. Councils. Commissions. Public Housing Authorities. Special Districts.

California Affordable Housing Developers

Nonprofit Organizations. Large Corporations. Small Community-Based Development and Social Service Organizations. Cooperatives. Mobile Home Park Owners and Tenants. Experienced, with thousands of units. Newly formed, embarking on their first forays into housing.

Nonprofit and For-Profit Corporations

We serve single and multipurpose nonprofit and for-profit corporations of varying size and structure on real estate, tax-exemption, organizational, management, and employment matters.