In 2013, various laws unrelated to the on-going dissolution of redevelopment agencies have been signed into law that will have an impact on real estate, affordable housing, land use, municipal law, community economic development, public finance, fair housing, real estate tax, and employment.  The 2013 Annual Legislative Update provides a summary of these new laws.  Please feel free to contact any attorney at Goldfarb & Lipman regarding these laws.


In addition, the Legislature passed AB 1484, making technical and substantive amendments to ABx1 26, the bill enacted in late June 2011 that directed the dissolution and unwinding of the affairs of California’s 400 redevelopment agencies.  Goldfarb & Lipman invites you to visit our website for the most up-to-date information regarding the implementation of AB 1484 and our continuing expert analysis of AB 1484, including a summary highlighting key provisions of AB 1484 and outlining upcoming actions necessary to comply with AB 1484.