Retired G&L partner, Jack Nagle, was honored by the Fremont City Council on Tuesday, May 19, 2015. For over 30 years, Jack served as special counsel to the City of Fremont, the Fremont Redevelopment Agency, and, most recently, its Successor Agency. To honor Jack’s longtime service to the City of Fremont, at the beginning of the City Council meeting, the City Council presented Jack with a resolution recognizing his many contributions to Fremont throughout his career. Following Jack’s brief remarks thanking the City Council, Jack received a standing ovation from City staff. Later that same evening, with Jack’s assistance, the Fremont Successor Agency officially terminated its dissolution activities- becoming the first large, active Successor Agency in California to complete its mission. Congratulations to Jack on receiving this much-deserved recognition from the City of Fremont! Like Fremont, G&L continues to salute Jack’s career.