WHEN: Monday, March 27, 2023 @ 1:00pm – 5:00pm PST
WHERE: San Diego Town and Country Resort

Participants will join the panel in a deep dive on various construction contract versions and how
to own their version of the contract for future projects. Tips to allocate risk more appropriately are
explained and strategies to negotiate the agreement are provided to help prepare development
team members in particular for this complicated stage of pre-development / pre-construction
closing. Part two of the workshop concentrates on insurance requirements and insurance policy
forms, how they dovetail with the construction agreement and how wording must be updated to
properly trigger insurance coverage in the event of a loss. State of the insurance market is also
discussed, which at present is difficult for most to navigate given high premiums and narrow
coverage options which may or may not comply with Lender/Investor insurance requirements on
the deal.

Confirmed Presenters:

● Isabel L. Brown, Partner, Goldfarb Lipman LLP
● Matt Heaton, Attorney, Goldfarb & Lipman, LLP
● Robyn Roesner, Area Executive Vice President – National Director, Nonprofit Affordable Housing,
● Sara Gibson, Senior Risk Control Consultant, Arthur J. Gallagher

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