2019 Annual San Diego Housing Federation Conference

October 10, 8:00am – 6:00pm

Hilton San Diego Bayfront



10:30AM – 11:45AM
Indigo 202


Panel: Amy DeVaudreuil, Reagan Mechling, and Deanna Bligh


You’ve just got your TCAC award, and now it’s time to select an investor. What exactly is the investor factoring in when they offer you a certain tax credit price? What is a capital account, minimum gain, and GP DRO? Why must my local soft lenders reduce their interest rates to 0%? Why are these issues cropping up more often after 2017 tax reform? It’s more important than ever for developers and local governments to understand these critical tax concepts. Our expert panel (financial consultant, tax attorney, and investor) will demystify all – in plain English! Join us for a discussion on deductions, investor IRR, capital accounts, and minimum gain and how they can affect affordable housing developments.




2:00PM – 3:15PM
Indigo E


Panel: Karen Tiedemann and Justin Bigelow


San Diego’s recently passed its Source of Income Anti-Discrimination Ordinance and the state legislature continues to discuss actions to protect tenants from displacement pressures. This panel discusses tenant protection and anti-displacement policies up for debate in the state legislature, as well as local governments and voters in California: from voluntary mediation and minimum lease terms, to just cause for eviction and maximum rent requirements. Renewed local and state-wide activism and sustained economic pressure in the housing market indicate rent control is not going away; panel attendees will gain a working knowledge of rent control to break through the political jockeying.