Because Black Lives Matter

The sustained persecution of Black Americans is nothing new—the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery are merely the most recent examples. The pain, grief, and anger caused by these events have compounded the financial and emotional toll of the public health pandemic and its devastating impacts on low income communities and communities of color across the nation, and Black Americans in particular. The nation is roiled in a state of crisis and left to manage the tempest resulting from its long history of structural racism, misguided public policies, and inequities in access to quality housing, education and health care.

Goldfarb & Lipman shares in the pain, grief, and anger and echoes the community’s call to condemn racism, police brutality, and discrimination of all kinds. We state this unequivocally:  Black Lives Matter.

We are heartened that our work supports so many of the communities and organizations that are dedicated to creating positive and impactful change in the lives of low income communities and communities of color across the State, through the construction of safe quality housing and creation of economic opportunities. Goldfarb & Lipman will continue to engage with our clients and with the communities we work in, learning from them and enabling ourselves to be stronger and more effective advocates. We are redoubling our efforts, in consultation with an independent expert on racial equity and unconscious bias, to face and address our own implicit and explicit biases and their impact and to look for ways to contribute to a stronger culture of belonging and true inclusion within our firm and outside of it. We vow to persist in imbuing the principles of respect, dignity, and equality in our collective work towards progressive community development, and call on others to do the same.