Goldfarb & Lipman is pleased to announce that on August 16, 2012, the California State Senate confirmed the appointment of G&L attorney Xochitl Carrion as a member of the California Law Revision Commission.  Subsequently, Xochitl was elected as Chairperson of the Commission.  Since serving on the Commission, Xochitl has worked on the Community Redevelopment Law cleanup bill and will continue contributing to the Commission’s current workload, consisting of studies of the Uniform Adult Guardianship and Protective Proceedings Jurisdiction Act and the application of the Government Claims Act to charter schools; defects and anachronisms in the Fish and Game Code; the application of mediation confidentiality in certain types of cases; trial court restructuring; and the regulation of commercial subdivisions.  Read the press release from the California Law Revision Commission regarding Xochitl’s appointment here.