New Markets Tax Credits

The New Markets Tax Credit Program (NMTC) is designed to improve the flow of private sector investment capital to eligible businesses in qualifying low income communities to spur job growth and economic development.


Through our work with the NMTC program, we:

  • Assist clients with completion and submission of the application to qualify an entity as a Community Development Entity (CDE)
  • Form entities that operate Qualified Active Low Income Community Businesses to meet NMTC requirements
  • Negotiate and draft NMTC syndication transactional documents
  • Negotiate NMTC Qualified Low Income Community Investment (QLICI) loans and investments in CDEs
  • Effectively structure and dovetail the NMTC with other tax credits such as the Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit
  • Advise clients on combining NMTC with other public and private funding and financing sources

Please visit the following link to see Examples of our work