Few California law firms can offer the effective combination of services we provide our tax, syndication, and corporate clients.  We advise our clients on all tax matters, including general optimization of desired tax benefits of real estate transactions as well as analysis and resolution of specific tax matters as they arise.  Our history with the tax credit syndication structure extends back to 1981 when changes in the tax law significantly improved the viability of the syndication structure for nonprofit housing development corporations.  We were one of the first firms in the country to promote tax credit syndication as a source of capital for affordable housing.  Our work in the area of Low Income Housing Tax Credits has helped improve the position of housing providers in tax credit transactions and to shape industry standards and practice, with the development of such provisions as ground lease preferences, nonprofit purchase options, nonprofit purchase discounts, favorable back-end splits, and local government loan forgiveness.


In addition to being experienced with the LIHTC program, the attorneys of Goldfarb & Lipman also work with the New Markets Tax Credit Program (NMTC) and the Historic Preservation Tax Credit Program (HPTC), designed as tools to stimulate economic development in communities throughout the country.  Furthermore, we advise on entity selection, tax planning, and financial strategies as well as prepare all required documentation to form corporate entities and comply with all federal and state requirements.  We have extensive experience representing nonprofit corporations and exempt organizations on these issues.


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