Tax Exemption

Goldfarb & Lipman is proud of its long-history of obtaining tax-exempt status for its clients.  While many simply assume that tax-exemption is a right which any well-meaning organization is entitled to receive, through our in-depth knowledge of the Internal Revenue Code, we are able to counsel our clients on whether or not an organization would qualify for tax exemption from federal income taxes, and if not, what adjustments would need to be made to be eligible for tax exemption.  We pride ourselves on our reputation with the IRS as a professional and honest law firm dedicated to meeting our clients’ needs while respecting the regulatory framework that governs tax-exempt organizations.


In addition to expertise in working with the IRS to obtain exemption from federal income taxes, we are also expert in assisting our clients obtain exemption from California income taxes from the Franchise Tax Board, as well as obtaining property tax exemption (known also as the “welfare exemption”) from the California Board of Equalization.  Our attorneys have been instrumental in providing expert advice to the BOE in formulating recent rules and regulations to implement the process for obtaining the welfare exemption.