We do not view obtaining tax-exempt status as the end of our service to our clients; rather it is only one important component in our on-going relationship with our tax-exempt clients.


Tax-exempt organizations face a myriad amount of compliance requirements that govern their unique status.  These local, state and federal requirements all have different (and ever-changing) deadlines and obligations as the oversight of tax-exempt organizations continues to grow.  In addition, our clients rely on our employment law expertise to establish functional and appropriate workplace protocol.


We assist our clients to comply with the various requirements governing their tax-exempt status- from providing assistance on completing IRS Form 990, to providing advice on complicated unrelated business income tax issues and conflict-of-interest questions, to completing the applications with the county assessor’s office necessary for property tax exemption, our goal is to insure our tax-exempt clients take the necessary steps to protect their valuable tax-exempt status so that they can focus on fulfilling their mission.