Property Acquisitions & Leasing

A fundamental component of our practice is assisting public agencies and private entities with the acquisition of real property.  Our practice encompasses not just the negotiation of purchase agreements and other real estate documents, but understanding our clients’ desired use of the property and the steps necessary to make it a reality.  We advise clients on how best to structure an acquisition to reach their objective, and, coupling our real estate finance expertise with our knowledge of the land use and development process, we offer our clients all necessary legal services to acquire and develop property.


We are expert real estate attorneys, assisting our clients with acquisitions throughout California that have included small individual parcels; acquisition and assembly of numerous parcels from multiple owners; and unique real estate interests such as the purchase of air rights parcels, easements and other interests in real property. We are also expert at analyzing title to real property and understand the implications that title exceptions potentially can have on the overall project’s feasibility. Notably, we use our knowledge and expertise to structure each transaction so that the parties involved obtain their desired result and limit the likelihood of unnecessary, and unproductive, disputes. In addition to our attorneys, the firm’s project coordinators, some of whom are former title and escrow company officers, are experienced and skilled at coordinating the flow of documents, multiple parties, and deadlines to insure that transactions proceed smoothly and on-time.


Our attorneys negotiate and draft lease agreements in both the commercial and residential context.  On behalf of owners, we have prepared ground leases for shopping centers, office buildings, affordable housing developments, transit villages, hotels, mixed-use developments, and stadiums and other event centers that are publicly-owned, or a result of public/private partnerships with municipal participation.  Representing tenants, we have also negotiated, prepared, reviewed, and advised on numerous ground leases for affordable housing developments to satisfy the needs of multiple lenders.  Representing both landlords and tenants, we have prepared commercial leases for restaurants, office and retail uses, social service uses, movie theaters, arenas and event centers, and various other uses.  In addition, on behalf of affordable housing developers, we have prepared numerous residential leases that comply with the unique requirements of multiple funding sources, the oft-changing state landlord-tenant law as well as local rent control ordinances.  We are also expert in the negotiation and preparation of other real estate documents such as options, property exchange agreements, and easement agreements, including reciprocal easement agreements among commercial property owners (either within the same building or among adjacent property owners), licenses, and all other real estate acquisition documents.


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