Often residential and mixed-use developments in California take the form of subdivided planned communities and condominium projects, requiring a thorough knowledge of many aspects of real estate development.  Goldfarb & Lipman assists clients in all facets and stages of structuring, developing, financing, documenting, marketing, selling, and operating such developments, having been an innovator in the creation and planning of subdivided communities over the years.


We have worked on an array of diverse subdivision regimes including combined condominium and single family home developments; complex multi-layered air-rights subdivisions; mixed-use residential, commercial, and performing arts developments; self-help projects; land trust subdivisions; and condominium conversions.  Our attorneys are experienced in navigating the intersecting requirements of California’s Subdivision Map Act, Davis Stirling Common Interest Development Act, and Subdivided Lands Act.


We are also knowledgeable in California’s SB 800 (California’s Right-to-Repair legislation) construction defect statute and drafting the documents necessary for compliance with the statutory requirements.  In addition, we guide clients through the Department of Real Estate Public Report (DRE) process, communicating with DRE and securing approval of development CC&Rs and other governing, sale, and disclosure documents.  We also understand secondary financing requirements such as FHA and Fannie Mae, and how those requirements impact project structuring and documentation.  And, our extensive work with federal, state and local affordable finance programs makes us uniquely qualified to understand the layering of such programs onto the subdivided development form.


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