Physical redevelopment of a particular site entails diverse tasks: hiring a team of experts to plan and perform the relevant construction work; marketing the project for sale or lease; and obtaining the funds to pay for it all.  A redevelopment agency usually enlists the participation of a third party, a developer, to undertake these activities under an agreement with the agency.


Goldfarb & Lipman assists and advises clients on tasks that a redevelopment agency must undertake in working with developers: choosing a developer, negotiating the contents of a disposition and development agreement (DDA) or an owner participation agreement (OPA), formally considering approval of a DDA or OPA, responding to developer defaults under the DDA or OPA.


We advise on issues relating to owner participation rules, competitive bidding, RFP/RFQs, exclusive negotiating rights agreements, land transfers, allocation of rights and duties, business terms and purchase price, environmental review, post-construction requirements, and defaults, remedies and performance assurances.


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