USDA Program

Goldfarb & Lipman helps rural housing providers access and work with United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) programs to produce housing that is both affordable to and suitable for the populations they serve.  Like its urban counterpart, rural housing requires funding from multiple sources.  Our attorneys understand the complex interrelationships of the funding sources and assist clients in reconciling conflicts that may arise when combining USDA funding with other project financing.


We have closed transactions on USDA-financed new construction, rehabilitation, acquisition, and acquisition with rehabilitation for:

  • Farm worker housing (Section 514/516 and Section 521)
  • Senior housing (Section 515, Section 538, Section 521) Family housing (Section 515, Section 538, Section 521)
  • Combination household populations in one development (e.g., USDA Section 514/516 units and Section 515 units)
  • Self-help homeownership (Section 523)
  • Homeownership (Section 502)

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