Bond Financing

Goldfarb & Lipman attorneys have a wealth of experience structuring bond issuances secured by property taxes, project revenues, and related real estate sources to fund community economic development and affordable housing projects.  We work to optimize the nature and scope of the  revenue pledge and to assist our clients in navigating the intricacies of bond offerings.  We regularly advise clients on public and private placement of taxable private activity bonds, tax-exempt bonds, and combination taxable and tax-exempt bond issuances.  We help agencies identify program needs and harmonize the type of bonds issued to best suit our client’s program needs and provide maximum flexibility.


Our attorneys have worked effectively as financing team members with California’s leading bond counsel, disclosure counsel, underwriters, financial advisors, fiscal consultants and trustees to achieve hundreds of successful and timely bond issuances for our clients. Local governments, large and small alike, and private developers, both non-profit and for-profit, have relied on our experience, knowledge, and perspective to identify creative financing techniques that achieve successful outcomes for their communities.